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Spanish government: no plans for absolute prohibition of gambling advertising

On Wednesday, Spanish Finance Minister María Jesús Montero announced that the government would soon release specific details on its forthcoming online gambling advertising restrictions.

Montero further claimed that the government had no plans to impose an “absolute prohibition of publicity” like the kind recently imposed in Italy, as gambling is “a legal activity regulated by the government.”

However, gambling advertising would be restricted to “environments where it does not harm consumption.”

Specifically, this would mean that gambling advertising would be banned from airing during periods in which minors would be likely to be watching or listening and during live sports events. Role models, i.e., celebrities and star athletes, would also be barred from participating in gambling marketing.

Last week, the current minority PSOE government and opposition party Podemos struck a budget deal stating that gambling operators in Spain would soon face severe advertising restrictions “similar to those placed on tobacco.”


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