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Guest Blog: Gaming sector making the most of Spain's strong talent market

An update on the Spanish gaming talent market from Pentasia's Giuliano Lafirenza

Talent is fundamental to any successful gaming business. Spain remains an attractive region for the sector not only for its market, but also the quality and size of its gaming talent pool.

Gaming operators and suppliers hiring in Spain generally find a good range of strong candidates, sourced either within the region or further afield as expat candidates look to bring their experience back home. Barcelona and Madrid remain the top locations for gaming operations, and talent is clustered around these areas.

Internationally, Spain is renowned as an excellent location for digital innovation and entrepreneurship, with inflow of both talent and investment in tech. The gaming sector here largely employs specialist leadership talent, marketing functions, operations and customer service, whilst locating more substantial teams - such as tech - elsewhere in Europe.

Challenges come in the form of the sector’s own expansion – through new licenses – and closely related industries – such as ecommerce, fintech, payments – which will undoubtedly increase competition for talent. The growth of Spain’s overall tech sector is clearly good for gaming, but employers will need to remain aware of new jobs which may appeal to valuable staff.

Tax changes should also be considered from a talent perspective. Operators looking to benefit from a Ceuta or Melilla location will need to base senior leadership talent in the North African cities; a potential opportunity for many candidates, but unlikely to appeal to all. Staff across the sector will also expect to see at least some benefit from the more favourable conditions.


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