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How AI (Artificial Intelligence) can be used for Responsible Gaming – Guestblog by Dennis Hvam

Award-winning AI technology for early detection of problematic gambling behavior and individualized customer approach.

With increasing availability of online gambling, more people are at risk of developing problem gambling behavior. They often neglect their problem and are unsusceptible to preventive measures offered by operators, including general information, prevention programs, voluntary self-exclusion and limit-setting. Some operators use machine learning to predict later self-exclusion, but only a minority of at-risk or compulsory gamblers self-exclude which negatively affects such predictive algorithms.

At Mindway AI, we take an innovative approach to solve these limitations.

With onset in neuroscience and clinical psychology, we use artificial intelligence which relies on human expert evaluations of thousands of gambling trajectories. A board of clinicians and pathological gambling researchers have meticulously analyzed a large volume of online gambling trajectories, considering the compound gambling behavior over hundreds of thousands of single bets. Applying their expertise, they have scrutinized the underlying gambling behaviors for any signs of developing risky behavior. The result is a completely objective assessment of individual customer’s gambling behavior.

We have developed a fast AI approach to ’digitize’ this evaluation process and we have demonstrated that we are able to evaluate online behavior just like the experts, with accuracy close to 90%.

Moreover, we identify different types of problematic behavior which allows us to generate targeted and individualized conversation guides that can be used in reaching out to customers either online or by an operator’s help-line staff.

The system has already been in use with a major operator for almost two years and has been very well received by customers. We believe this is due to a combination of early detection, where dialogue is efficient, and the highly individualized dialogue due to the tailored speaking guide generated by the AI and expert based system.

Our approach sets a new standard for responsible gambling operation as well as opportunities for operators to keep customers in a long and healthy relationship.

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